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03.03.2017 06:45
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  Becomes integrated into the mmogo.com

  team becomes integrated into the Fifa coins development team, not a silo far away.If you work in marketing for games, I would suggest that you start retraining. If your skill is managing journalists, building hype or holding parties, that need is urgent.Marketing is becoming measurable. This is great news for the games industry. It might be terrible news for some individual marketers.

German online games publisher and developer Bigpoint made over 2 million euros of revenue this month on a single in-game item purchase.The company's free-to-play MMO space shooter DarkOrbit, which launched in December 2006, has seen 66 million registered users in total over its five year life.Earlier this month, BigPoint sold a special in-game item called 'The 10th Drone', which cost 1,000 euros to Nostalrius Gold purchase, for a total of four days.Simon Davis, producer

DarkOrbit, has now told Gamesbrief founder and Gamasutra contributor Nicholas Lovell that over 2,000 of these items were sold, meaning that over 2 million euros was spent on this single item over the course of four days.Back in June, Bigpoint signed an agreement with Russian service provider Mail.Ru Group, allowing both companies to share their games via both of their portals.As part of the agreement, Mail.Ru users are now able able to log in and play select Bigpoint games via the Russian service, including DarkOrbit.

When Euclideon CEO Bruce Dell unveiled his voxel-based Unlimited Detail technology in a YouTube video earlier this year, projecting the mmogo death of polygons in favor of an unlimited amount of atom-like voxels, his claims were met with no small amount of criticism.Id's John Carmack chimed in, saying the technology could "maybe" work "several years from now.""[Carmack] was unaware at the time that we were running this purely in software," Dell recently told Game

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