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03.03.2017 06:47
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  The reason I was able to u2fifa

  CPU scheduling summary table:The call stack is entirely in Microsoft code. It starts in Visual Studio and ends up in Windows, and this call stack shows that Visual Studio hung for 2.585 seconds while trying to FIFA Coins CreateFileW so that it can GotoEntry in the CResultList.Even though I know nothing about the Visual Studio architecture, that was enough information to let me understand the problem, and I then changed our project files in order to completely avoid this hang in the

Shazam!The reason I was able to diagnose this problem is because Microsoft publishes symbols for most of its code on a public symbol server. Symbols are published for Windows, Visual Studio, and much more, and this often lets me fix performance problems and crashes even when they are entirely separate from Cheap FIFA 17 Coins our code. Yay Microsoft!A Call Stack That Knows How To Keep Its SecretsAnother example, not quite so happy, is demonstrated by this call stack. This is

profiler data from a thread that is in our game:Huh. This thread sure is using a lot of CPU time. In our process. I wonder what it's doing? Except for the two out 1,036 samples that hit in Windows functions I can only tell that it is NVIDIA code that is executing – there are no indications as to what it is doing.I don't mean to pick on NVIDIA here. Well, to be more accurate, I don't mean to just pick on NVIDIA. This is a problem with all three major graphics vendors – NVIDIA,

And Intel. None of them share symbols with the public and this leaves game developers with a significant problem.When a crash occurs deep in graphics driver code (a not uncommon occurrence), we are helpless. When a frame glitch occurs deep in graphics driver code (also quite common), we are helpless. And when game startup includes excessive memory allocations or CPU time deep in graphics driver code… we are helpless.You Can't Handle The TruthI've been told by u2fifa

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