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22.11.2017 03:20
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  Walking into an interview with ill fitting

  It almost sounds like a joke- how do you dress for an interview? One leg at a time. Or maybe the punch line is: like someone who does not really need this job. Sadly, there are plenty of people who think that dressing for an interview is nothing to worry about, and just throw whatever they want on without thinking about the image that they present. A first impression is just that; the very first impression that a person has of you, and it is formed by what they see. When you first are introduced to somebody, they meet you first with their eyes, and then with their ears- their brain does not get into the act until much later. And by then, you may have already blown it.

Walking into an interview with ill fitting, unattractive clothing may get you a dollar to buy a sandwich, but will not net you a job. Nor will walking into a conservative office complex in stiletto heels and a sequin crop top. Know where you are interviewing and for what type of flowmeter Manufacturers position and dress accordingly. If you can, go to the building before the day of your interview and have a quick look around. Does the dress code appear to be suit and tie or is it a bit more casual. Aim to dress as well as, or better than the people already working there.

If you wear jewelry, keep in mind the rule of one: before leaving the house for an appointment you are not one hundred percent certain about (as in a job interview) take off one piece of jewelry. Make sure that the jewelry that you do wear is small, understated and could not be considered controversial. Wearing jewelry with your religious affiliation might be a little iffy so it might be best to forego them for the interview at least. ( Of course, it is against the law for a company to refuse to hire you for religious or political reasons, but they would not come right out and say that was the cause.)

Tone down your regular make up and make sure that your hair is tidy but not overly done up. Go light on the hairspray, there is nothing worse than sitting across a desk plasma torch Manufacturers at someone who is wearing a hair helmet. Men should make sure that their hair is neatly combed and styled as well. Do not show up at a job interview with a hat or bandana on unless your interview is for a farm hand position and being conducted out in the barn.

If you are still completely lost about what to wear, go to a small, upscale shop or boutique and ask for advice. Tell the sales associate that you will be interviewing and what type of position you will be seeking. They should be able to give you some basic tips and guidelines to follow.

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