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Forum Boardnews Why Do You Play Hardcore in Path of Exile?

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31.03.2018 08:50
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  Why Do You Play Hardcore in Path of Exile?

  This game will kill you left and right. If it's not dying to a boss, it's a surprise spawn, a mob, a freeze box, or in one instance an afk from a room that was thought to be cleared to name a few. In my mind it's a loss of time and hours of effort you've put into the character. But streamers say "I just can't play softcore". Is it the high of the risk you are going to die, or the uncertainty of "the gamble" or something else?

As Malachai says "Why are you so in love with death?"

Better economy on hardcore, items don't last forever and constantly need replacing, keeping valuable uniques valuable over the course of the league. It is very important to take the time to level up at the beginning of the game. Whenever you need to poe currency trade, you can turn to u4gm poe items for trade.

More opportunities to reroll. On softcore, if a character feels weak and I know I built it poorly, I might try to "make it work" for awhile to generate currency for my next character, even though it isn't very fun. Hardcore will make the decision for you, forcefully. Achievements feel like achievements. Killing uber atziri or shaper doesnt feel satisfying if you die several times in the process. Anyone can ignore defense, take offensive stats in every gear slot, and kill one of the end game bosses after dying a few times. Building a character who can do so in a timely fashion while being tanky enough to not die feels much better.

Building characters is a lot more interesting when there is more at stake. Balancing defense and offense is fun, and I enjoy seeing how "unkillable" I can make a character while still dealing plenty of damage. As someone who has played games for like 95% of my conscious memory, I eventually "got gud" enough to the point where the first thing I do in any game is set the difficulty to hardest setting. Anything less leaves me feeling unsatisfied with myself, and takes the fun out of it for me. On PoE, that means hard core seasonal.

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