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  BRUSSELS nike air max 2018 shoes sale , Sept. 23 (Xinhua) -- Top officials from European Union (EU) institutions on Wednesday called on leaders of member states to take concrete actions in coping with the refugee crisis ahead of an emergency summit.

Heads of state or government from the 28 EU member states gathered here late Wednesday for another emergency summit on the refugee crisis, a day after ministers pushed through a plan to relocate 120,000 refugees by a majority vote despite objections from several member states.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told the press, "I would have liked of course if this decision had been taken by consensus, but that was not possible."

"I am expecting that this evening the European Council will be in favor of the proposal put forward by the European Commission nike air max 2017 shoes sale ," he added.

The European Commission earlier that day proposed more financial aid and a set of priority actions to be taken in the following months to address the refugee crisis.

According to the new proposal, the emergency fund for the most affected member states may increase to 100 million euros (112 million U.S. dollars) this year. In 2016, emergency funding for the most affected member states and relevant EU agencies would be increased by 600 million euros.

Juncker said a total of 200 million euros would be added to emergency humanitarian aid in 2015. Meanwhile, humanitarian aid would be increased by 300 million euros in 2016.

Simultaneously, the Commission committed to increasing support to stabilize Turkey and Macedonia.

Juncker urged leaders of the member states to approve the proposal.

"This is time for action and time for meeting words with ambitious actions nike air max shoes sale ," he said.

Martin Schulz, the President of the European Parliament, echoed his colleague, saying the European Council later needed to "bring about result."

Schulz called on leaders to reach agreements on the solutions and find concrete answers to the refugee crisis.

"We don't need idealism tonight. I hope the heads of states or government will show their pragmatism," he said.

Donald Tusk air max 2018 shoes sale , the President of the European Council, said before he stepped into the talk "Discussions among member states are at a critical point; we must end the cycle of mutual recriminations and misunderstandings."

"The most urgent question today is how we can manage our borders effectively," Tusk said, adding that the EU needed to strengthen external border controls.

Tusk said he would also propose short-term measures to the summit.

"We should offer more help to refugees. Lebanon, Jordan air max 2017 shoes sale , Turkey and other countries in the region need more help, as do the EU frontline countries," he said.

EU member states on Tuesday approved the proposal to relocate 120,000 migrants by a majority vote. The latest agreement brought the amount of the total relocation quota within the EU to 160,000.

According to the agenda air max shoes sale , EU leaders will discuss the immediate priority actions which are necessary to address the instability in the EU's vicinity, and the refugee pressures on neighboring countries.

MANILA, Aug. 25 (Xinhua) -- The Philippine Department of Health (DOH) said on Friday that 34 poultry workers who showed signs of flu-like symptoms tested negative for bird flu.

As of Aug. 24, the health department said "there has been no confirmed human case due to influenza A (H5N6)."

Since the Department of Agriculture (DA) declared the bird flu outbreaks in the country early this month, the health department said it identified 34 suspect cases nike air max 2018 sale online , 30 from Pampanga and four from Nueva Ecija provinces.

The DOH said the 34 people were immediately isolated as part of precautionary measures to avert any possible human-to-human transmission of infection.

An assessment of suspect cases were done and specimen were collected for laboratory diagnosis. "Thus, they were also started on the antiviral Oseltamivir while awaiting the laboratory results from the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine," the DOH said in a statement.

Nevertheless, the DOH said the monitoring and testing will continue.

In response to the health threat, Health Secretary Jean Ubial said her department is closely working with DA to ensure that poultry and poultry by products are safe for consumption.

She said the DOH epidemiologist surveillance and response team is active and in place. "Trained diseases surveillance officers and health workers have been alerted to investigate and report suspected human cases within 24 to 48 hours nike air max 2017 sale online ," Ubial said.

Ubial again urged the public to be vigilant, follow the government advisories and be properly informed by the disease.

As a precautionary measure for those who had direct contact with infected poultry and had developed any flu symptoms, Ubial also urged the public to report to the DOH or government agencies in their respective areas to seek immediate consultation.

The DA said on Thursday that the strain of bird flu found on poultry farms in the Philippines has been identified as H5N6, the type which could potentially be transmitted to humans. However, it said the possibility of transmission "is very nike air max sale online , very low."

The Philippines reported on Aug. 11 its first outbreak of bird flu on poultry farms in Pampanga, a province in the main Luzon island north of Manila. A few days later, Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Pinol said bird flu has also been found on another poultry farm in nearby Nueva Ecija province just north of Pampanga.

Pinol has ordered the culling of more than 400,000 infected chickens, quails and ducks in the affected provinces.

Chinese people's enthusiasm for sports has abated after the quadrennial Olympic Games ended air max 2018 sale online , which gives us some time to think about the next pertinent matter: How should sports in China develop in this post-Games period?

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