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05.04.2018 09:05
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  Schick USBCam2 Hardware Issue


I have an office that has a Cam2 that I believe is having hardware issues. The camera is moved between about 10 computers and it seems that all of them are having issues with the camera at one point or another. The most common issue is when they plug or unplug the camera, it causes the computer to completely shutdown. I was told earlier that one time when they plugged the camera in the light had something of a strobe effect. The computer has shutdown while simply capturing too. I originally thought that it could be an issue with the cable they were using or the fact that they were plugging into the front USB ports but I don't believe that is the case anymore. I have put individual cables plugged into the back of each machine but the problem persists. The capture button seems to be getting harder to work as well. The computers are all XP 32 bit, but they are at most 5 years old.
What steps can I do to troubleshoot this? Thus far, I've yet to see it error because it seems to work fine for me, except the button issue. The main hygienist told me last week she tried on 4 computers and got the same result each time when trying to take an X-ray on just one patient.
Is this something that just needs to be sent in for repair?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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