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05.04.2018 09:07
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  Small home network issue


I have bit of an issue with my network setup at home and need some help, please.
My current setup is PSTN line==>ADSL modem in bridge mode==>Mikrotik RB750GR3 (port 1) ==> switch (port2 of RB750GR3)==> devices connected to switch
This is working perfectly.
Today my fiber account has been activated so I plugged port 1 of the Huawei gpon terminal (HG8240H) into port 1 of the mikrotik router.
The moment I plug the ethernet cable in, the mikrotik turns off.
I then plugged the gpon terminal into port 3 of the router and all seems be fine.
The fiber provider locked the HG8240H down as they do remote provisioning, so I cannot connect to it to check the setup.
Why would the mikrotik turn off when the cable is plugged into port 1? Port 1 is POE in, but the Huawei doesn't seem to support poe at all.

Any help will be apprecited.

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