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13.04.2018 05:29
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  flooring products seem to be difficult

  against China may be 2005. Exporting enterprises should speed up the upgrading of their products and focus on nurturing brands. The relevant management departments should further improve the self-restrained export mechanism so as to reduce possible anti-dumping investigations. Morning News reporterThe so-called micro-era of network marketing refers to the era of network integration marketing activities using marketing tools or
platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, micro-video, micro-radio, and micro-purchase. It is also called the era of micro-marketing for network marketing. The common feature of these "micromarketing" is low marketing cost and high attention. In this era, new media emerge in an endless stream. However, due to the restrictions of the flooring industry itself, various "micromarketing" and flooring products seem to be difficult to "compatibility" and
their effectiveness will be greatly reduced. Flooring companies need to keep pace with the times, follow the trend, and all the "micro-power", and constantly adjust and innovate, otherwise they will face the risk of being eliminated. Micro-film marketing Micro-film marketing, unlike the commercial film and television, is also different from the popular video short film, it is a new network media marketing tool between the two. The advantage
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