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16.04.2018 04:12
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  Decorative line board

  Decorative line board The decorative line board includes a cornice threader, a hanging mirror line, a skirting board, and a wainscoting board. 1, the mouth line foot At the intersection of the wall and the ceiling, the decorative cornices have a transitional, cohesive effect. 2, hanging mirror In addition to hanging mirrors and hanging mirrors, hanging mirrors have the same function as squeezing pins. 3, baseboard In order to protect the wall, one of the skirting boards is installed to separate the floor and the wall for the purpose of decoration. The entire room is divided into lower and middle levels, and the three-dimensional space is rich. siding The siding is to protect the wall to prevent the wall from being contaminated. At the same time, it also makes the wall appear more level, and the atmosphere of the enclosure is stronger. The living room and restaurant should be equipped with wall panels.
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