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09.05.2018 09:48
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  PoE Traps And Mines

  Traps or mines, why you favor them? Mostly an opinion thread. I'm thinking of doing a fire-skill on a trap / mine setup with Ancestral Bond and Two Scorching Ray totems for some consistent fire pen. 90% of the time, Mines are better. The only "requirement" of a miner is Spell Totem linked with Detonate Mines. If you love Path Of Exile as much as we all do here at U4GM. Be sure to have a look at our PoE orbs cheap Special Offers you could possibly need.

In some narrow, niche circumstances, Traps can be better. e.g. Chin Sol Traps, EE Trappers, Corpse Trappers. Traps are bad because have a cooldown, and need Chain Reaction / Sunblast + Cheap Construction x2 / Hair Triggers to work. (unless you are not using Cluster / Multi Traps Support)

Having to switch between different traps due to the cooldown makes it naturally suit EE trappers (alternating between elements) or corpse trappers (desecrate + corpse skill). Chin Sol is good because the conditional damage boost considers the target's distance from the trap, not the player. So the only reasons to ever use a trap over a mine are:
▶ Either you gain some benefit for being close range (trap positioning mechanic)
▶ Or your build wants to alternate between skills for some reason
▶ Or your build literally does not scale with cast speed (e.g. DoT skills)
If you're looking for a Fire skill to play with SR totems, then Burning Fire Trap is probably the best since Burning damage scales both SR and Fire Trap DoT.

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