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11.05.2018 09:39
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  The Next Big PoE Expansion Is Called Incursion

  Path of Exile proves that "free to play" doesn't have to be a bad thing. Path of Exile's next big expansion is all about abusing time in new the Temple of Atzoatl. The next big Path of Exile expansion is called Incursion, and is set to land on June 1st, 2018. We have had a lot of fun with PoE and that is why offering you a place to buy PoE orbs cheap at a low price is something we love to do.

Brave the Temple of Atzoatl
The Incursion League arrives on June 1st, and brings with it a pile of new content. As you travel around Wraeclast and the existing world, you will encounter explorer Alva Valai, who offers you the opportunity to explore the lost temple of an ancient civilization. In Incursion, to maximize your treasure hoard, you'll be travelling across time, manipulating events in the past to customize your temple in the present.

Temporal incursions
When you encounter the explorer Alva in the wild, she will offer you the opportunity to travel into a Temporal Incursion, allowing you to manipulate the construction of the temple itself through your actions. We are here to ease your fears that our cheap PoE Currency trade is too good to be true!

In the present
Depending on how you manipulate the temple's construction, you will be presented with different types of enemies, hazards, and indeed, treasure. Alva will appear once in each campaign area offering the opportunity to manipulate the temple, so as you play through the game's story, you will have multiple opportunities to do full temple runs.

Launching very soon
The new Incursion league which contains the Temple of Atzoatl is launching June 1st for Windows PC, alongside upgrades to the Vaal skills, revamps to underused skill gems (including a full revamp of trap-oriented skills), and tons of new items and skills to uncover. Grinding Gear Games is aiming to have the Xbox One version ready within a week after launch of the PC version.

Path of Exile is a shining example of free to play done right, sporting an unprecedented amount of character playstyle customization, Path of Exile is a wonderful Diablo-like co-op ARPG that is as addictive as it is fun, and it's all free, all free!

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