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16.05.2018 04:19
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  Looking for Input on My New League Goal - PoE

  I play about 3 hours a day, I can't play 8+ hours a day, if that makes a difference in what my strategy should be. Should I just focus on making the most currency possible or should I shape my Atlas in order to just focus on the maps that drop HH div cards?

If I choose the Atlas route, could anyone give me a really quick and dirty guide to shape my atlas so that I can maximize the map drops I need? Sorry, I have always full cleared and feel under-educated on shaping the Atlas. What about a build? I generally make my league starter a tanky melee char, like max block something. Should I reconsider this due to this HH goal?

Don't reroll characters, just pick a build that you can play without getting too bored of and stick to it. Make sure it is not too slow tho. When I first got my headhunter near the middle of the (harbinger) league I was playing righteous fire with a lot of attack speed for my shield charge

Shaping atlas is going to speed up the process, I used to only run the same bog map that league With shaping I would highly recommend you wait for streamers to test around what's good at the begining of new leagues as it always changes and then ask for a good shaped map for currency. Then what you need to do which you could think about prior to shaping in order to save up a bit is make sure that all the maps of this tier are uncompleted as well as the maps of the tier above.

It maybe sounds too much of a guessing but usually its always t8+ so I'd recommend you stick to tier 7 maps and lower for the first 4ish days before you know what's good to shape. Also make sure that after you've somewhat geared your character you start turning chaos into exalts as their price is low in begining of leagues. https://www.u4gm.com/path-of-exile

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