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16.05.2018 08:53
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  The Difference Between Jugg And Gladiator In PoE

  Gladiator with 78% Block & Spell Block (which is easy to achieve) is theoretically the tankiest build in the game. All you need to worry about is having enough life to avoid a one shot. Gladiator also gets the bleedsplosions which is great for clearspeed, AND they get a "more damage" multiplier which juggs do not.

Jugg is better for sustaining things like righteous fire or other degens, and is more "consistently" tanky meaning your health pool won't spike as much and you won't need vaal pact. And be sure to hit up our Hot Sale where you can choose PoE Currency trade for a very cheap price!

Jugg is about reducing incoming damage (mostly physical) gladiator is about avoiding incoming damage (everything except for damage over time not caused by hits). Under a simulation of large incoming hits gladaitor would reduce more overall damage.

Under a simulation of tons of small hits jugg would reduce more damage. They both have their niche. It is much easier to build an offensive jugg that is also tanky than a tanky gladiator that is also offensive.

The best defensive in PoE is layering your defenses. Some avoidance (block/dodge) some evasion (questionable) and some reduction, both flat reduction like lightning coil and reduction like armour which is only effective against small hits.

If you invest in straight up phys reduction you will get blasted by a spell at some point or added % Ele damage. If you invest in pure avoidance when you do get hit it will really hurt. We are proud to offer the best prices on PoE Orbs buy that we possibly can we love helping you guys get the players you want and help you make your team as strong as possible.

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