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22.05.2018 08:43
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  FFXIV - What's The Best Way To Catch Up Sitting At i330?

  What's the best way to catch up sitting at i330? You're probably going to want to spam Sigmascape normal mode when the servers come back up. Loot should be unlocked, so you can need everything and with decent luck, soon have a full set of 350 gear minus a weapon. However, you can buy FFXIV Gil from professional seller - FFXIV4Gil.com.

For a weapon, your options are probably going to want to:
◆ Do Eureka (i355 weapon) - this will require quite a bit of time invested, but will pay off in the long-term. You can also get i350 head, body, hand, leg and feet pieces through this. If you don't have too much time to play and want to gear up ASAP, I would suggest you avoid Eureka.
◆ Buy a i350 crafted one from the market (unless you know someone who is nice or can make you one with minimal cost)
◆ Do Byakko extreme (i355 weapon)

Also don't neglect to do Sigmascape V4.0, you get a token for doing it once a week that you'll eventually be able to trade in along with tomestones of mendacity for a i360 weapon. Once you hit i335 you'll be able to enter the new 24-man raid which will drop i360 left side gear.

The new ex trial will drop i365 weapons most likely and will require i350 to get in, so a mix of mendacity tome + sigmascape + 24-man raid gear should get you to this point if you're looking to do more than just catch up. At FFXIV4Gil, you will able to buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

That said, i330 is enough to get you into the new expert roulette dungeon, which will drop i345 gear. i335 for raids/new trial. Unless you're looking to do ex trials or savage raids you won't need to go beyond this. i355 will be enough to get you into casual content for 4.4

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