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31.05.2018 09:53
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  There are 13 courses to choose from

  There are 13 courses to choose from. Each class has tera gold its own strengths and weaknesses.

The archer has more than 20 abilities [VIDEO]. Archers may use different types of arrows like explosive arrows.

That's why they can receive many punishments. His primary weapon is the ax. It is fantastic for offense and defense. A Lancer uses a shield which protects him and people around him.

Mystics can heal, invoke and curse their enemies [VIDEO]. Its primary weapon is the scepter. They could dissipate fans and debuffs.Valkyries use light armor. Priests can heal, heal and revive the dead. They can inflict pests on their enemies and utilize lightning. His main weapon is that the cane. The sorcerer uses a disk to throw his charms and deal damage.

The warrior wields double blades and wears light armor. This course is more for hand-to-hand combat. Use quick attacks and misdirect competitions. There's a class which isn't available until you reach level 50. That course is the reaper.

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