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31.05.2018 09:54
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  For you lovers of MMORPG games

  For you lovers of MMORPG games, this time there's a Maplestory 2 Mesos news that on one side makes you grin with joy because the game you're waiting for there is English edition, but on the other hand you also wish to take it because get ip cube to access it since our country is beyond the publisher's service.

This moment, we are speaking about MapleStory 2. Lately a MapleStory two website with English appeared. In addition, it suggests that Nexon America is very likely to publish the game at least after this year. However, will this get a positive reply in the western area?

It can have the ability to get a positive response considering its predecessor is also rather popular and today the franchise has a variety of improvements one of them present in 3D visuals with cute character bandaging is still the same as its predecessor. Numerous customizations of personalities are also found in MapleStory two, so players may still dress as many characters as possible. Moreover, the traditional 2D side-scroll MMORPG match is still preserved but with the contemporary graphics in addition to additional attributes like Minecraft a world filled with block boxes.

Oh, the sad news is that ip block was confirmed to be implemented. Dependent on the MMOCULTURE webpage, for gamers from the region of Asia, particularly Southeast Asia might be unable to get this English version of MappleStory 2. A rumor has it that a few months ago Garena had secured rights to MapleStory two for its South East Asia area but still hadn't expired, though there was no news concerning the launch of MapleStory two in the SEA region. Once again it is only a rumor so do not "salty" yes brott xD.

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