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05.06.2018 04:13
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  Maplestory Update suggestion: Counterattack of this White mage

  Repairing without nether shield would need to be done on potions, overload release and the occasional vitality veil (just 4 strikes a second or so that is stinks for maintaining up much needed dps on her). Presently, I would just be moving in as close nude as I can to fight her and expect to perform close cap with as little armed as possible... Can't actually figure her going down with non capping lines at about 9 strikes a second from only speed capped execution in spite of the utmost legit time of 45 - 50 minutes to face her with uber luck from RNGesus and buddies helping EVERYWHERE possible.

Okay . . Did some calculations. . Together with the pace on implementation being speed (I currently am at it using inner ability + adequate rate extract + green MPE potion + class buffs) I would be watching about 11.4 hits per second from implementation + Infernal Exceed as Nether Shield might as well not exist when facing Dorothy.

With that rate as it pertains and 800 billion health used because the significance of her hp, I would require a minimum of 22 minutes and 17 seconds of whacking away at her without moving. Factor in all the dodging and healing along with Toto popping up needing to be murdered before getting back to her? I just don't view this as being doable as Demon Avenger pre-Heroes patch unless I'm just that F***ing OP to cap all hits near nude and go in with the maximum time potential

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